Full Stack Developer

Job description

On behalf of our client Annual Insight, Flexxy Recruitment Solutions is looking to hire an Experienced Full Stack Developer.

Are you an experienced Full-stack Developer who gets energy from the challenge of building his or her own development team and being in charge of defining the right tech stack to work with? Help us to accelerate with transforming our data service company into a real SaaS solution? This might be a good fit!

ANNUALINSIGHT collects and analysis huge amounts of open data of companies and markets, we translate this into applicable information for our customers. This information can be, for instance, to provide insight relating to competitors, growing markets, or supplier risks.

We have a young and informal culture, with a lot of space for growth and ideas. Although we are successful so far, we tend to nourish a culture of innovation and improvement of our services. We believe in the power of data and our people. Working with us means you’ll obtain a role filled with possibilities, creativity, and ambition.

You will become a part of the product development team that currently consists of a data technical lead, a product lead, a couple of data engineers, a cloud support engineer, and a junior cloud support engineer. We, as a company, have the ambition to grow and so will this team grow. To fuel our future, we are adding the last missing link to our internal team: full-stack development. As an experienced full stack developer you will be responsible for our front-end, part of our back-end, defining the tech stack and in the mid-term building the full stack development team going forward.

Your Responsibilities:

Building a SaaS solution is currently done using an external partner, but we need to gain control internally. Are you the person who can gain control in this process, take the lead and take it to another level? If you need to learn some aspects still, we are happy to support you! From monitoring and improving the current infrastructure and applications to building new functionalities to developing new innovations. As an experienced Full stack developer, you will be responsible for our front-end development and the back-end connection with Laravel. Think of the development of our two online platforms (developed in VueJS), for both Food & Agri and Public & Healthcare. You will be part of the Product Development team as the first internal Full Stack developer and will work closely together with our partner. 
What do you do?

  • You develop new functionalities and solutions for complex situations.
  • Thinking and able to substantiate the choices made about technical design, such as our architecture, tools and processes.
  • Keeping an eye on the performance of the platforms and analyzing how you can improve this.
  • Improving the user-friendliness of our client portal for thousands of customers.

Currently, we are working with an external partner but it is our goal to make it our internal core where they will also help us to do so. In order to create clear expectations and deadlines, we work according to a two-weekly agile sprint. Furthermore, you will be responsible for building the Full Stack development team, with the next hire(s) in Q4 of 2021, and defining the development stack to work with.

Job requirements

  • An eye for technology, details, and people. 
  • At least a college or university education
  • At least 2 years of relevant experience as a Front-end Developer
  • Knowledge and experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Experience with Laravel or PHP
  • Experience with a JavaScript framework (e.g. Angular, Vue or React)
  • Knowledge and experience with (git) version management
  • Experience with scrum and agile working is desirable

Do you want to join our client's team as the new Full Stack Developer ? Then we'd love to hear about you!